Monday, February 3, 2014

Lydia's Progress

My mom is telling me that I need to write something because lots of people are asking about Lydia!  I never cease to be amazed, and incredibly humbled, at how many people care about out sweet girl. Lydia LOVES to be held, so finding time to write is tricky.  Also, I seem to be having trouble putting coherent thoughts together so don't expect too much from this update! No deep thoughts today!

Last week we went to see the neurosurgeon to have a head ultrasound. The neurosurgeon showed me all three of the head ultrasounds that Lydia has had.  The ventricles in her brain (where they are watching for extra fluid to accumulate) have increased in size a little bit. However the MD feels that it's only a slight increase and probably just her body trying to adjust to a new way of dealing with her cerebral spinal fluid or CSF. Due to her spinal defect her body leaked spinal fluid out the hole in her back prior to surgery.  Surgery, although necessary, disrupted her body's way of dealing with the CSF which is why they are concerned her head may swell. The neurosurgeon was happy enough with how things were looking that we don't have to have another head ultrasound until the end of March. He was also very impressed with Lydia's movement in her extremities and her response to sensation in her feet. We were freed from our 60 minute time limit in the car seat and she doesn't have to sit on the foam donut anymore.  The MD said her surgical scar is looking great and we are no longer doing dressings which is a huge relief.  God is so good and we are so thankful for a good report.

Now we see the urologist this Wednesday and Lydia has to have scans of her kidneys and bladder again. This is the area where I am seeing some problems with little Lydia.  If you could please be praying for a good report on Wednesday, that I would be able to ask the right questions, and that we would have a clearer picture of how to help Lydia.

Thank you again for your care, concern, prayers, and notes of encouragement.  We are so grateful for every one of you!

What are you looking at?


  1. Still praying for you both and your precious baby girl!
    Angie Carey

  2. I had been wondering how sweet little Lydia was doing~thanks for the update. We are still praying <3